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VHS, VHSc, BetaMax, MiniDV, HI8, Digital8, HDV tapes. Unbox your past and relieve life’s happy moments.

Somewhere in your house is a drawer full of videotapes — aging home movies shot with a camcorder that may not even work anymore. You have not watched these movies in years, but lately you have been thinking, “Why not transfer those old videos to DVDs or digital files?”

You should have all your precious videos like a wedding, the arrival of a baby, holiday family gatherings, dance recitals, school plays, sporting events, birthday parties, competitions or just kids playing around the house transferred to digital. Why? Because you are in danger of losing them forever!


Videotapes only had a guesstimated lifespan of up to 25 years. While there are a lot of variables in videotape lifespan, many tapes do still work but are showing significant signs of deterioration.

From direct transfer to DVD or digital file, i-Ken Video production Services transfers all videotape formats utilizing professional players and recorders for optimum results.

Our videotape transfer process is focused on quality. We utilize and maintain professional grade tape decks and recorders in all formats. Combine that with time base correctors, progressive scan recorders and our attention to detail and you get an amazing transfer.

Don’t lose your family memories, choose i-Ken Video Production Services.

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